Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Nedlands - Issue No.: 642 Issue Date: 24 May, 2020

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Acting President - Rod Shea

Who we are:  The Rotary Club of Nedlands started in 1959 and for the past 60 years has served both the local and international community in assisting those in need.    We have 32 members of varying ages and interest.    Our goal is that members will actively participate in all service activities and feel good about their involvement, have a sense of achievement and appreciate the true spirit of Rotary.

We welcome new members to our Club and if you would like to attend our fortnightly meetings or participate in any of our community projects please contact us by email or online.  

Where we are:   Our fortnightly breakfast meeting is held 7:00 for 7:30 am each other Thursday at Nedlands Dalkeith Bowling Club, Jutland Parade, Dalkeith.   


Rod Shea

Special Days
Tue, 26 May - Barbara Betz's Birthday

Sat, 30 May - Andrew and Tanya Baird will be celebrating 11 years of Marriage

Meeting Rosters
Setup Duty
28 May, 20
04 Jun, 20
John Paterson
11 Jun, 20
18 Jun, 20
John Paterson
26 Jun, 20
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