Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Nedlands - Issue No.: 692 Issue Date: 9 May, 2021

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Nong M in her wheelchair

Wheelchair for Nong M

DG Siri has reported recently to John Renner and Ken Collins on the delivery of a wheelchair sent from Perth last November to Nong M (pictured above) in Thailand. Nong has cerebral palsy and has undergone an operation to drain fluid from her spine and brain. The delivery of the wheelchair was a Rotary team effort with Geelong  PDG Eddie Loughnan purchasing the wheelchair from “Wheelchair for Kids” at RC Scarborough and PRID Ken and PPJohn ensuring the wheelchair was delivered during the fourth Thailand Friendship Tour.  Here for DG Siri's report.  

Author: Neville Blesing

Published: 2 August, 2008


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